Celestial Serenity

Celestial Serenity is a deeply layered work that is inspired by the Romanticism Movement artworks that have beautiful cloud detailing. With dark to mid brown tones accented by creamy and washed out browns, the composition gradually builds and flows throughout the piece. Creamy brown linework creates a dynamic frame to the color form of the piece. This piece showcases a wood floating frame that is painted alongside the composition for a modern take on a traditional practice, thus continuing the underlying theme of mixing new concepts with the old. 

The Lifestyled Co.

When my client came to be with a vision of casting the earth in a heightened fashion, I developed an entirely new texture that showcases an extremely rocky stone texture with areas of my original stone texture. This piece also has pronounced elevation gains and angles. With such an emphasis on texture, we chose to make the composition of this piece rather minimalist in form with detailing that requires a closer look at the depth. Don’t let it fool you, there are over 50 layers of paint on this piece to give that effortless look that pairs perfectly with such a complex texture.