Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche starts with a structurally eye catching heart shape. The painting is soft and romantic, not only in the shape of the piece, but in the color forms and painting techniques used. The base composition is a blend of muted pinks and oranges while there are strong focal points of emerald green, coral red, and baby blue. This striking juxtaposition between the painting and stone texture creates an engaging experience and expressive essence.

Arguably one of the most structurally unique works I have ever created, Carte Blanche, is a heart that spans 5’ in size that is made of my signature stone texture. My client was deeply inspired by Cecconi’s West Hollywood Butterfly Room where Damien Hirst’s iconic work is showcased. We took this inspiration and created a piece that told her story. With a hidden quote that reads “Carte Blanche” and her initials, this piece embraces many personal touches and emotive color forms.