Carry Me Home

Carry Me Home creates a relationship between color and texture to form a timeless union. The piece has muted terracotta and earthy creams that form subtle yet bold color forms. Within the structure of Carry Me Home, there are two textural elements that are integrated into the artwork to accent the placement of color forms with some areas having a stone texture while other areas have my original texture. The composition is framed by terracotta linework detailing and a signature painted floating frame. Carry Me Home walks the line of being subtle yet bold, structured yet fluid, and traditional yet modern. 

What a fun piece this was for me! I connected deeply with this particular client and was very intrinsically drawn to her. We were able to combine my textures for the first time when making this piece so not only did we have a painted composition, but we also created a textural composition. This really resonated with me. I treat every layer when constructing my pieces as its own art piece so to be able to create dynamics and balance with textural variation was an incredible feat.